Exclusive: Da Boss By Antonio Westley

Da Boss By Antonio Westley

@wnetradio Productions

Animation made with Plotagon

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First episode of The Struggle coming soon but just to give you guys a glimpse into that world, here is a sample. Based on feedback on first episode and how it does will determine on whether the series will move forward with more episodes. But with your support, anything is possible.

And if you like the video Stay Tuned and help get the word out around online and let others know if they would be interested.

Free Download of the Daboss music track will be available upon request

Thank you and stay safe!

Why the lack of uploads on the struggle lately, I’ll tell you why…

It’s not that I haven’t gathered enough footage to post. It’s because I have decided to create my own jingles to the videos which have also been expanded to a 10 minute length.

It seems YouTube doesn’t provide enough tunes for creators to use in a ten minute time frame and I’m big on not trying to reuse things. So I’m doing what I can to keep things as new as possible there. Sadly, this adjustment takes some time to get used to which is why there are some daunting spots in the videos lately.

Things that I miss in the final cuts that are too late to fix. Hell, I’ve even managed to get ahead of myself to where I’ve forgotten the text format I’ve preferred to use. But you’ll see a minor adjustment in the new video today and I will do my best to mesh this better moving forward.

In the meantime, Please support “Bella and a new buddy” with some likes and shares of you can. Any bit helps this channel move forward.

Thanks for sticking in there with me. Hope you guys enjoy and have a great weekend 😎👍