New Achievement and Update!

The Struggle has reached over 500 subscribers on youtube. That’s not including all you wonderful supporters on wordpress. It’s been a hot and long summer and recently I’ve been working on upgrading my main site subjectsmatter.

Meaning, there has been little time for recording. But that’s not saying that there isn’t more footage waiting in the cut. So expect more content soon with more stabilized shooting this time around and a new channel to be added to this feed called griddlockedtv.

Love you guys and hope your summer has been awesome so far!

Why the lack of uploads on the struggle lately, I’ll tell you why…

It’s not that I haven’t gathered enough footage to post. It’s because I have decided to create my own jingles to the videos which have also been expanded to a 10 minute length.

It seems YouTube doesn’t provide enough tunes for creators to use in a ten minute time frame and I’m big on not trying to reuse things. So I’m doing what I can to keep things as new as possible there. Sadly, this adjustment takes some time to get used to which is why there are some daunting spots in the videos lately.

Things that I miss in the final cuts that are too late to fix. Hell, I’ve even managed to get ahead of myself to where I’ve forgotten the text format I’ve preferred to use. But you’ll see a minor adjustment in the new video today and I will do my best to mesh this better moving forward.

In the meantime, Please support “Bella and a new buddy” with some likes and shares of you can. Any bit helps this channel move forward.

Thanks for sticking in there with me. Hope you guys enjoy and have a great weekend 😎👍

Why No Struggle Video This Friday? Explanation Revealed…

With New York facing bad weather this week there has been hardly any room for convenient travel on my end. So the week has been instead spent on a new micro film that will feature my little pup known only as “Bella”

The rough draft of this 20 minute movie which will feature light hearted comedy will be released this Friday in reading format along with a new video. That is if the week turns out in better weather circumstances. But stay tuned never the less and enjoy the rest of your week from me to you!