Exclusive: Da Boss By Antonio Westley

Da Boss By Antonio Westley

@wnetradio Productions

Animation made with Plotagon

All Commercial licensed rights reserved as fully paid member

First episode of The Struggle coming soon but just to give you guys a glimpse into that world, here is a sample. Based on feedback on first episode and how it does will determine on whether the series will move forward with more episodes. But with your support, anything is possible.

And if you like the video Stay Tuned and help get the word out around online and let others know if they would be interested.

Free Download of the Daboss music track will be available upon request

Thank you and stay safe!

New Changes Coming To The Struggle!

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since posting any new videos on The Struggle.

It’s been a busy year for me with work and all so there was really no time to travel around New York and sight see. But despite the fact, I felt as if the channels identity just didn’t fit the format of what was being done. So any future sight seeing videos will be relegated to WordPress and this channel on YouTube will be hosting a new wave of animated comedic sketches.

Hope you guys stick around if you enjoy a good chuckle. I know it’s been a rough few months and I too have been affected job wise by the current events. But it has put me back into my creative space and hopefully I can at least provide a little entertainment at some point to ease the stress we are all currently facing. Here’s a trailer below of what is to be expected from the New Struggle format moving forward.

Stay safe everyone!