Update: Newly Added Concept!

Did you know Antonio Westley is a writer?

That’s right, and now he can be found on one of the most popular writing sites online called Medium. For that reason Educational snippets will be available as extras on The Struggle. As a way to compliment articles that need extra view points.

So, I hope this is an added bonus for anybody who is looking forward to The Struggles New concept. Stay tuned and stay safe!

Debut of snippet coming next Friday

Update: The Struggle Still Growing Strong

Despite the recent changes, it appears that not only has The Struggle’s subscriber count remain in tact but it continues to grow.

So, with that in mind here’s an update.

A special edition clip that will reveal a snippet of The Struggle’s format has been completed. However, a video hosting home is still being evaluated. Along with the fact that there will be some very minor drawbacks regarding sound quality.

But, the creative process is a learning curb as trial and error leads to improvement. Which has been tackled in terms of what is needed to make sure this is done as best as possible.

Still, the video has been completed and is called Time Worthy. Which will be a variety of surprise clips to add to the primary series. This one will be real movie/show based recommendations that will feature yours truly suggesting titles. (Sounds boring until it is not)

A date has not been chosen yet but once it’s decided whether it will even be another YouTube based show, then a time will be revealed. In the meantime, thanks for sticking around and hope you all are staying strong during these rough times.


keep subscribing till you can’t subscribe anymore

Update: Videos From The Struggle Removed?

Considering The Struggle is being revised as a new concept. All travel videos will be moved to a channel that will reflect its content better. So you will noticed past post videos missing from this site now. A new blog here will also be made to help host those videos which will be revealed once that channel is up and running.

A link will be provided for those subscribers who won’t be interested in this new idea. Thank you for supporting and hope you stick around if you don’t mind being provided a few chuckles in an ever changing world.

Thank You!