Exclusive: Struggle Snippet With Article

If you like the snippet then you will love the article that goes along with it. This is the only way this video makes sense when getting to know what it’s all about. So read here: Article

And fill me in on what you think when your done reading. Let me know if you think the snippets a good add on for The Struggle with a comment below.

Happy Friday and stay safe!


15 thoughts on “Exclusive: Struggle Snippet With Article

  1. Things sure have changed. To illustrate this to myself, I imagined my great-grandmother watching me go through my day. she would puzzle over why I sit in the couch punching a light box and studying it intensely. then she would watch me go over to another, bigger light box and punch a box below it repeatedly. Perhaps, in the same way, I will watch my great-grand-daughter sit apparently unoccupied in a chair all day. Wow.

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    1. That’s probably a very likely factor if all of this comes to fruition. But only in different to the generation that has their own meaning of what it means to be human. Thank you for reading or checking out the video if that’s as far as you got with this post. Stay safe

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      1. Ah, well I hope it was worth your time. I know how long the article was but it would do anyone justice to educate themselves on this. Thank you for being curious my friend and have a great day 👍

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  2. I believe we will soon have ended the dark timeline and moved onto a light based timeline. Then, many healing modalities and rejuvenation will be available so these forms of AI will be unnecessary.

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