Update: Newly Added Concept!

Did you know Antonio Westley is a writer?

That’s right, and now he can be found on one of the most popular writing sites online called Medium. For that reason Educational snippets will be available as extras on The Struggle. As a way to compliment articles that need extra view points.

So, I hope this is an added bonus for anybody who is looking forward to The Struggles New concept. Stay tuned and stay safe!

Debut of snippet coming next Friday

16 thoughts on “Update: Newly Added Concept!

  1. Hey! I hope all is well. I have nominated you for the Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award! You deserve recognition for all the hard work you put into your blog! Check out my recent post ❤️ Participation is completely option. Take care!

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  2. Hi Antonio – Congratulations on our new writing gig. That is great! I have always wondered about medium and what it is they are about. I did do some research, but that was a long while back. I may check it out again to scan the premises. 🙂 However, I am proud of you and all that you have endeavored. You are really talented. I also appreciate you supporting my blog as well. Stay great, brother!

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    1. That was very thoughtful of you cherylfoston, will always be here to support. Thank you for the compliments and feel free to check medium out. It seems to be thee platform for writers to be on. Plus you can write, post what ever you like. Stay safe! 😁


    1. Really? Don’t they wear like all back suits or something, any who but yeah medium is what you make of it. So if you are consistent then ya build up on there no prob. I been reading it’s a slow burn tho like having ya own site but the advantage is having the platform itself to connect with others. + you can have outside readers follow you as well. Just joined tho so I don’t haven much to say yet but it is one of the best platform for writers to be on today. Plus you can write what ever on it, post pics, embed videos like a blog. They have an app as well if ya interested 😁

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      1. I felt invisible. There was no traction through my “page”? There was no responses to anything I posted. I knew I was going to struggle more with my insecurities as a writer than it was worth.

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      2. Do you still have an account on there or you just shut it down for good cause who knows if it would be different this time, I know that people expect the highest of quality on that place. I mean right now I write a 3000 word article that will have infographics and even a snippet video to compliment the article. It took like 5 days in total to complete the project so let’s see what happens with that. Cause I hear and have seen that seo is good for medium but not sure how long that has been a thing.

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      3. I’ve been on medium for a while, but have trouble deciding whether to let them paywall my posts or not. Looking forward to seeing you there.


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