Exclusive: The Struggle Sneak Peak Special

Video Quality: 4K Resolution
Voice over by Antonio Westley
Created by Antonio Westley
Music and fx provided by VLLO

Video Animation provided
by Plotagon and is available on all android and Apple devices

All commercial based titles recommended in this video belong to its rightful owner as the struggle is in no way affiliated. As this content is commentary made for educational purposes only.

Feel free to support all the titles referenced in this video.

7 thoughts on “Exclusive: The Struggle Sneak Peak Special

  1. Sorry you haven’t been able to see the video I’m not sure if maybe it’s a glitch between our connection but this current snippet is hosted on WordPress and not on any other platform. I’m not sure if that’s cause for it but fortunately I figured out what host I will be using moving forward and this stops. Sorry a.o.c more to come soon but thanks for taking the time out. I appreciate you 😁


    1. I’m trying and it’s always nice to know some one else appreciates the things we’re into. I can tell the excitement you had revealing this was the same energy I had when I first saw that movie, lol. I appreciate that, I only wish they had this film in English translation on Netflix because I actually owned a copy before and can’t find find it with out just subtitles online. Thank you for sharing it made my day!

      Liked by 1 person

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